Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Stadiony Polonia Warszawa Final images: part one!

So I have finished sharing all of the construction progress images - it's now time to see the finished product! Looking back at these and it's clear to me that I skimped a lot on post-processing. That was incredibly apparent looking back at the daytime shots - I didn't even bother hiding most of the lighting materials. Oh well.

This update features the first 17 images, with the remaining 16 to be shared soon.

Overhead view of the site and the surroundings.
Overhead view showing just the site.
Section plan of the site, looking towards the west.
South elevation
West elevation
North elevation
East elevation

Section plan of the site, looking towards the south.
A view of the commercial building.
Day view from within the commercial building, looking at the stadium.

Night view from the same location.
A view of the club offices, located on the second floor of the main stand.

Day shot of the concourses. This shot is from the eastern stand.

A night view of the concourses. Not too happy about the lighting.

A day view of the stadium from the exterior. As I said in an earlier update, I'm happy with the modernisation of the facade, but the landscaping could have been better.

A night view of the stadium. The lighting helps bring it all together I think.

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