Monday, February 19, 2018

Stadiony Polonia Warszawa Construction images: part four!

September 14 - A lot of site detailing work was done today - trees added to the site and all of that. I really liked this rendering - at this point I finally started feeling like I had a good design.

September 15 - the addition of the flags. Quite a nice shot of the grandstand too.

September 15 - An exterior shot of the site. In hindsight, I think I overdid the trees - I wanted to kind of hide the structure but it would have looked a lot better opened up. Oh well.

September 16 - I finally started working on the area in front of the main stand. It stood pretty blank up to this point. This fountain exists presently on the site, and I elected to retain it, minus the statue.

September 16 - the first real view of the facade. I'm really proud of the modernised sides of the facade - I kept the form of the venue. One thing I haven't spoken much about in this series is the corporate areas. Where the large lights are located above the facade is an open corporate area. This sits pretty level with the top of the old facade, and people accessing the site through the elevators on the side are able to walk through there to their corporate box. I am happy with the idea but the execution was ultimately poor on my part. I think it detracts from the facade. I'm also not so happy with the metal covering. It was truer to the original site but I think it looks hideous.

September 16 - inserting the stage with a night lighting test. Relatively happy. Much more pleased with my stage for SDC3 though...

September 21 - so my schedule got a bit busier at this point and I didn't have as much time for final site details and rendering. One thing I did do though was add lights to the supporting beams on the main stand. I think it's a really nice touch and finishes it.

September 21 - more exterior work. I added a ticket office and club museum outside the main gates - the form of this was inspired by a building a few blocks away. To the right of the image you can see the elevator shaft.

September 24 - had a little bit of time to kill so I added a wrestling ring to the site.

September 26 - the final touches are going on the stadium. LED hoardings on pitchside, final roof textures, security cameras and speakers. This is the day shot.

September 26 - and this is the night shot.

September 26 - final touches on the concourse - lights being added and all of that.

September 28 - with the modelling completed, I moved on to the first of the renderings. This is the night version...

September 28 - and the day version.

October 7 - a little bonus for all of you - this is an unused rendering from the project.
Coming soon will be the presentation renders, and I will talk more about aspects of the design and some of the challenges I faced. Then - it's time to do it all again for Bramley Moore Stadium!

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