Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bahrain International Circuit, Bahrain

I am slowly but surely catching up with this. Having finished an absolutely massive project yesterday, I figure it was probably time to post this.

Nation: Bahrain
Locality: Sakhir
Track: Bahrain International Circuit
Purpose: F1 race host (2004-Present)
Lap Record: 1:31.447 (2005)

Overhead shot

Angled view

The start-finish straight.

Turns 1 and 2. Sacrifice exit speed on 1 to give yourself a better line into 2 which launches you down a long almost-straight.

Turn 4. Really open corner. The road is positively cambered on exit so you get a lot of grip on the exit

A series of weaving corners introduces you to the infield section

The infield section is dominated by weaving corners, heavy braking zones and a DRS straight.

Turn 10 is probably the trickiest braking zone on the calendar. The braking point is during turn 9 leading to an almost certain lockup into 10.

Turn 11 is a decent left hander. Following this are some more weaving corners and a long straight, bringing you to...

Turns 14 and 15. Sacrifice entry speed to get a good line out of 14 and through the right hand kink of 15. The start finish straight awaits you!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia

Overhead shot

Angled view - note the terrain.

Start-finish straight. It's a short run out of the final turn - on a flying lap in qualifying you stick right on the exit of the turn to shorten the track. Cross the start-finish line about half way across otherwise.

The first turns. Extremely tight but you can carry a bit of speed through the first part. Second turn is slow though, as you focus on your exit for the straight coming up.

Well, it's not so much a straight - but in an older (2013) spec car, is flat out. We saw numerous drivers get this bit wrong in 2014 as the lessened downforce meant the car wasn't glued to the track anymore.

Tight braking zone following this. Right hander that launches you down toward the pit buildings again.

Following two long sweeping corners, you find yourself at a double-apex right hander. Don't be greedy though - those kerbs are deceptively rough to drive over.

Throw the car right on the exit and look for your braking spot into this left hander. The track tends uphill from here, but it is still easy to lock a tyre on entry. Use the track incline and camber to your advantage on the exit though.

The incline becomes apparent soon enough - as you face an almost-blind right hander. Hit your braking spot perfectly here or you will run on.

A open right entry to this tight right hander makes braking difficult and can easily see you get on the throttle too early. Coming up is a long DRS straight, so don't be greedy.

Following that long straight, you've got a tight left hander to navigate. Focus on exit speed again here - the start finish straight awaits you!
OK, so unfortunately I am a little behind. I have been ridiculously busy and otherwise preoccupied. But I promise I will catch up on this - starting with Malaysia and coming soon - my personal favourite, Bahrain. Wait until you see that one - it is worth the wait!

Nation: Malaysia
Locality: Sepang
Track: Sepang International Circuit
Purpose: F1 race host (1999-Present)
Lap Record: 1:34.223 (2004)