Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bahrain International Circuit, Bahrain

I am slowly but surely catching up with this. Having finished an absolutely massive project yesterday, I figure it was probably time to post this.

Nation: Bahrain
Locality: Sakhir
Track: Bahrain International Circuit
Purpose: F1 race host (2004-Present)
Lap Record: 1:31.447 (2005)

Overhead shot

Angled view

The start-finish straight.

Turns 1 and 2. Sacrifice exit speed on 1 to give yourself a better line into 2 which launches you down a long almost-straight.

Turn 4. Really open corner. The road is positively cambered on exit so you get a lot of grip on the exit

A series of weaving corners introduces you to the infield section

The infield section is dominated by weaving corners, heavy braking zones and a DRS straight.

Turn 10 is probably the trickiest braking zone on the calendar. The braking point is during turn 9 leading to an almost certain lockup into 10.

Turn 11 is a decent left hander. Following this are some more weaving corners and a long straight, bringing you to...

Turns 14 and 15. Sacrifice entry speed to get a good line out of 14 and through the right hand kink of 15. The start finish straight awaits you!

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