Sunday, March 5, 2017

Perry Park completed

A night view of the main stand with the roof open. This rendering shows the upper tier partially covered by a fabric banner. This reduces the capacity to 13,547 and improves the appearance of the venue during games.

A day view looking west with the roof open

A street level view facing west.

A view of the site facing the northwest. There's nearly 200 parking spaces to the east of the site.

A view from the Bill Waddell Stand with the roof open during the day

And the same view with the roof closed.

A roof closed view from the top of the main stand

And the same view at night.

A view of the site from the southwest

An aerial view of the site from the north with the roof closed.

A top view of the site

A view of the pitch from the home end.
Total capacity of the site is 18111 seats, with 48 disabled spaces and 30 closed boxes.