Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stadiony GKS

So, I have been very busy (my usual cop-out excuse for not updating my blog). Laptop died, uni picking up and my graphics card dying all played their part.

As a result, I am finally uploading the renderings from Stadiony GKS. I originally posted about it last June here and here and here but never uploaded the actual images. Here they are! I have a heap of projects like this - never uploaded the images. They will be coming in the next few months along with some new content.

Capacity of this stadium was 9600.

 Internal shot, roof open
 Different angle
 Distance shot
 Closer elevated shot
 Roof closed
 Ambient lighting - scoreboard and outside lighting only
 Inside - night lighting
Site overview

Sunday, April 7, 2013

UPLOAD: Wrestlemania 29

With the Grandaddy of them all airing tomorrow, I figured it was probably time to upload this. Apologies for the radio silence lately, the absence of a graphics card (my old one died) has meant that Sketchup barely works with my models. Anyway, I have a backlog of stuff to show you all.

Back to Wrestlemania, the images of the real thing are out already and I have to say, it isn't dissimilar to what I was thinking. I won't post an image of it in case you haven't seen it. 

The link is in the image below, just click it and you will see the download link. Enjoy!

Credits :Roary/Videobobbo