Sunday, January 31, 2016

Perry Park upgrade, Brisbane.

Shown from the corner of Folkestone Road and Abbotsford Road.
Top-down view. Old stand retained, away stand (952 seats) at north. The lower tier of the eastern stand (4360 seats) wraps around and connects with the home stand at the south (3248 seats). A standing area is located in the northeast corner, to house all the hooligans and suburban terrorists. The eastern upper stand holds 7044. 46 disabled seats, plus 92 companion seats, are located at pitchside. Total lower seating capacity is 9752, plus disabled seating and standing areas bringing total fan capacity to ~11000 for lower tier, and 18000 for total. 30 boxes are also included on the eastern upper stand.

The original grandstand has been retained, with a few additional seats installed at the northern end (see next image)

A slightly older image - without the roof.

View from the old stand
 With the Brisbane Strikers desiring a spot in the A-League in the future, they need to find somewhere to play. Suncorp Stadium is not much of an option, given the other Brisbane team, the Roar, have been hampered by their rent of several million dollars for many years. This ground is designed to house the Strikers, though the Roar could benefit greatly from renting the facility. Due to a lack of accurate topographical data, the terrain is flat, though in reality the site rises from west to east.

Also, owing to the long history of the Strikers in the finals series, Heimlich manouvre stations will be installed right around the venue.