Thursday, February 15, 2018

Stadiony Polonia Warszawa Construction images: part three!

August 31: Working on the stage. I needed a little break mentally at this point, so I worked on a stage for the venue. It's nothing particularly special, but I enjoyed the lighting effects that it produced. If I rendered it with the new Vray, this could have been so much more impressive.

September 4: Apologies for the dark image. The layout of the site means that the stadium is located on the western side of the site, with a large, open space free on the east. Rather than leave that to go unoccupied, I designed a commercial building to sit on the southeastern corner of the site. The building runs along Bonifraterska and Konwiktorska. The LED strips located along the sides of the building were previously designed to be used as part of the main facade, but I thought they were better suited here.

September 5: The new roofing structure on the main grandstand is installed. It's based on the roofing structure that is presently on the site - I did not intend to replace that. The main support truss is somewhat hidden behind the large advertising boards. You can see the commercial building in the background of the image.

September 6: The same view, but with the new roofing structure on the other stands. You can see the commercial building in the background of the image. Several small improvements were made to the venue at our around this point - fencing was installed around the venue, nets were installed behind the goals, standing rails were installed in the home end.

September 7: I finally fixed the floodlights. I'm much happier with this profile, though I feel I needed more light intensity.

September 7: A quick aerial render showing the shape of the venue and the newer lighting pattern.

September 8: With not long to go until I finalise the project, I started adding the people to the site. This is the view as I did that on the northern end of the main stand.

September 8: And the rest of the venue. There was a little issue with this render - I inserted the people in the wrong spot - if you look at the areas to the right of the aisleways, you'll see what I mean.

September 9: A day render with the crowd in place. It finally looks like a football stadium.

September 9: A night rendering from the same spot.

September 12: At this point, I was starting to think about the smaller details. Here I have installed the guardrails, and the LED hoardings are about to be installed. I also updated the seating pattern on this stand - POLONIA is now included across the stand.

September 14: To give a little bit more life to the home end - a bunch of flags.

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