Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Stadiony Polonia Warszawa Construction images: part five!

So I never expected to be making this update, but I just found another fifteen images from the very start of the project. I knew I had them somewhere on my computer, but while searching for the original updates, I didn't find them. Here are those images - covering the first two weeks of the project! As you can see, I tried to get the basic structure done very quickly and then worked out the details from there.

July 19: The first day of the project. I literally saw the project brief that morning and decided to do it. I was looking for a break from my Malta International Circuit, and this seemed interesting. The first thing I did after downloading the site model was to model the main stand facade - but if I bothered to actually look at the model layers, that had already been done for me. Following that, I added the pitches to their location in the site. This is the NFL field.

July 19: And this is the football field.

July 20: By this point, I had already decided on the open corporate area above the main stand. This dictated what the height of the main stand would be. So I got to work on the main stand, laying out the basic structure.

July 20: Open corporate boxes being added, as well as the media seating in the centre.

July 21: I changed the seating colour to black and added disabled areas and vomitories.

July 22: A shot of the main stand with the facade behind it. The basic internal structure was starting to be formed - I had lined up the floor inside the stand with the entrance to the stadium.

July 22: Mapping out the corporate boxes on the main stand. I'd already decided on two tiers of corporate boxes. Open corporate box spectators are able to access their boxes through the corporate areas, rather than through the main entrance like the rest of the fans.

July 22: I brought the main stand into the main model. The away stand was modelled rather quickly - it follows the same profile and is the same height as the main stand. This is the football view.

July 22: And this is the NFL view. As you can see - I had only modelled a very basic representation of the roof at this point.

July 23: The eastern stand was modelled - this was originally designed to fit as many seats as possible as I was worried my capacity would be a bit low. It ended up being ~3000 more than the maximum required - go figure!

July 27: I added the corners to the stadium. Originally these were designed to be as big as the stand beside them, but modifications would eventually be made.

July 28: After modelling the home (southern) stand on the same profile as the eastern and realising how much over capacity I was, I started looking at how to reduce the capacity. The design brief called for a holistic design, so I tried to match up the height of the southeastern corner with the main stand. This was inspired by the roof at Children's Mercy Park. To accomplish that, I removed two rows at the midpoint of each bay until I got down to the height of the main stand. I did the same thing at the northern end.

July 29: I started working on the facade, mapping out the form. It was designed to snake around the venue, following the path of the stands inside it.

July 30: A view from the inside of the venue with the facade in place.

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