Thursday, March 1, 2018

Stadiony Polonia Warszawa Final images: part two!

A street-level view of the stadium during the day. In hindsight, I really wish I came up with something better for those solid faces but what can you do?

And a night view. I am happy though that there was very little light pollution added from the site.

Aerial shot from above the INTRACO building.
And the night view of the stadium from the same spot. I'm not sure why the stadium lights were switched off in this one - this was one of the first renderings I did for this project so it wasn't time pressure. I think it was just part of the poor backend work on my part.

An aerial view of the site from the south.

And at night. One thing I really wished I did was better light up the covers over the roof support structure. Really emphasise the club branding for all to see.

Looking from the east at the site

An interior shot of the venue during the day.
And at night

A night view from outside of the stadium. This was actually my favourite rendering of the project, and I used it heavily to promote the venue. How much better that would look with the club branding lit up!

And the day shot.

A wide-angled shot from the northern end of the ground. I love the view of the commercial building just poking its head over the roof of the venue.

Another wide-angled interior view of the stadium. This is another one of my favourite views of the stadium. I really should have done better post-processing on the lights though.

And the night view. I felt a great deal of pride at this point.

A view of how the venue looks in boxing/wrestling mode. I loved the lighting on the main stand.

 So with that, I've presented the pictures for the whole project. I now get the chance to think back and reminisce about the project as whole. I originally took on this project when I was burned out. This project gave me the love back, so I guess that is good. The project was very well received by others, which is also good. For putting together the brief, my sincerest thanks to MaTTiC. That is it for Stadiony Polonia Warszawa - now we move on to the diary for Bramley Moore Stadium!

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