Saturday, March 10, 2018

Bramley Moore Stadium Construction images: part five!

May 23: I wasn't happy with the original pitch pattern - it looked bland. I replaced it with this horizontal stripe pattern - I think that makes it stand out more.

May 23: More texturing work was done, and the false ceiling was installed. This is on the northern stand.

May 23: And the underside of the home stand. I wanted all of those lights to look somewhat like a night sky, but I don't think I did a good enough job of that.

May 24: Getting ready for the rendering phase of the project, I played around with blooms for the final renders. It didn't turn out exactly as I'd hoped, but it was worth a try. I'd end up using a bloom as a Vray layer, which I'd add in during post-processing (which I will take you through soon).

May 25: More rendering preparation as I get the HDR files positioned as I want them. You can see a reflection of the HDR in Nelson Dock.

May 28: A couple of changes - the site lighting was properly installed. In addition, a ring of lights surrounds the roof. It's subtle but I think it really brought the roof together.

May 28: And a night view from the same spot. I'm really happy with the site lighting. I wish I made the roof lights bigger - it would have made them more noticable and a lot easier to install!

May 30: The last day of modelling. I actually started rendering the full project the day before, but I was having a lot of trouble with the original stage model. I ended up remodelling and making a much more simple stage - I think it sits really nicely with the videoboard behind it.

May 30: One of my favourite shots of the project, it's the first time that it really felt real. Really proud of how well this came together, given I missed two weeks at the start and spent much of early May down sick with the flu.

May 30: My last progress render - the roof is mostly closed for this one. I really wish I took more renders over the course of the project. There's so many things that I never documented and can't show you. But if I had taken the time to document them all, I probably wouldn't have finished the project. Such is life I guess.

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