Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Perry Park update

So I never actually got around to updating you guys on the Perry Park project. Work progressed into March on this before it started to have a few issues. There's a lot of work to be done over the main stand - the facade and all of that is not done. I hope to get back and finish this project in a couple of weeks.

From the last update, there has been a few more seats installed at the southern end, bringing the regular seated capacity up to 18,000 seats. The shadesails over the southern end have been erected, and the shadesails running across the pitch are in. The lighting in the renders uploaded is very harsh - it's just natural sunlight as I haven't set up lighting yet.

Thanks everyone for the thousands and thousands of views you gave my previous post. Much love to you all.

In terms of what's coming soon, I have a bunch of posts that I'm wanting to get online in the coming weeks. I'm wanting to test my ability on a range of other project types as well - great experience. But as for the blog, the next update of the nearly complete Malta International Circuit will come soon - it's looking really good and I'm proud of my work on that.

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