Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Malta International Circuit updated

The view from the karting track up at the Malta International Hotel, Malta Arena and Maltese Eye.

The view from turn 11, looking across the track.

An older shot of the pit straight. Pit lane has since been reprofiled, making the exit a little smoother.

Turn 9, looking back towards turn 8 and 10

The view from the grandstand at T16, showing T16, T17, and the pit lane. There's lighting that has been added under the hotel, so there isn't the harsh shadowing now as in this render.

Looking down the pit straight from the back of the grid.

Another view of T16 and T17

Turn 5 - one of the trickier braking zones on the circuit. A downhill run while turning into the corner, and little camber to help you. Deceptively steep, and very easy to spin the car around.

Aerial view of the site.


  1. The download link of Malta International Circuit?

    1. Sorry - I very rarely share models, and at 100MB it's very tricky for me to upload this anyway.