Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Unidentified racing circuit.

Hi, I know it has been a long time since I shared any work with you. I've decided to share this little project I worked on with you - it's an unidentified F1 track, with several configurations. The main thing that came out of working on this model was a greatly improved ability to work with UV mapping, which I have shied away from until now. Rest assured though, I am still working on my Malta International Circuit, and I will share an update with you all soon.

Run down to turn one. F1 circuit heads right at this point, club circuit goes straight on and joins at T6 on the F1 circuit.

Main straight just beyond the start line
A long right hander.

The run to T3 on the F1 circuit.

A long left hander.

The track overview. There's hills to the left and bottom right of this image, while a beach and waterfront is to the top.

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  1. Hey mate! I presume by the looks of it, that you map/texture the track with one texture and that already has the sidestripes in it. How do you do it?