Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ederleigh FC

First off, a merry Christmas and happy New Years to each of you, I love you all.

Ederleigh FC's stadium, still to be named, is a concept for a ~10,000 seat stadium, suitable for a League Two team. I envisage it as an older ground, with bleacher-style seating surrounding three sides and a somewhat more modern main grandstand. Work is (slowly) ongoing, but I am having a lot of fun with it which is something that's been missing.

Anyway, the pics.

First grandstand, running along the length of the pitch. Capacity 2184.

Zoomed in

With three sides and two corners.

Focussed on the corner. One of the scoreboards up on the roof.

Main grandstand in position.

A view of how it looks now. One can see the open boxes with yellow seats and behind that media seating.
Stay tuned for 2014, too, as it promises to have more updates and a slightly new focus.

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