Saturday, March 28, 2015

Wrestlemania 31

This shot is from behind the stage.

A shot from the ramp. This was one of my marquee angles for the stage. Unfortunately, the red stage graphics and red seats don't stand out here.

A rather unique camera angle, this is perched on top of the central ring structure. Would be great for Brock Lesnar's entrance in particular.

Another camera angle, designed for capturing the entrances

Camera angle from stage right.

Hard camera view of the ring. That floating thing above the ring is designed like the one NXT has. Similarly to WM27, it lowers down over the ring for entrances.

The shot of the thing I was talking about. Notice the sides of the ring are LEDs as well. I added that a few weeks ago so when I watched RAW this past week, and saw those, I got a massive kick.

A rendered shot of the stage from inside the ring. I've been having some problems with VRAY lately and it's unwillingness to render my lights, so they're crap. But the ideas are there, and the set is clearer here.

Camera angle, stage left.

Another angle of the stage, this time just outside of the ring. Notice my little shoutout to the winner of the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royale. Sorry for the spoiler alert, but #AXELMANIA is running wild.

Sky shot. If you look at the big screen, the rendering issues are plain as day. But it shows the ambience well enough. I wanted the LEDs to wrap around the stadium as the set is very small.

Shot from the 200 level seats, looking at the ring and the stage.

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