Sunday, March 15, 2015

Albert Park Circuit, Melbourne GP.

5.3km, 16 turns.
Start finish straight is 800m long, but the line is a fair way down the straight. The support pits are located closer to pit entry meaning the starting line is much further down.

The first two turns. Fifth gear is usually used here. The kerb on the inside of turn 1 is worth steering clear of, instead aiming for the kerb on the exit. We saw Vettel hit that kerb on lap 1 today, and it resulted in Maldonado dropping it into the wall.

Turn 4 - one of the heaviest braking zones. We saw Magnussen have his accident here in practice. Very easy to stick it on the grass on approach trying to open up the corner as much as possible. It's tight through there.

The complex at turns 4-5-6. That's South Melbourne FC's stadium at the top right there. The road runs to the left of the carpark here, which turn 5 is situated in the middle of.

A left kink is the braking zone here. Picking the right line is very important.

One of the trickiest braking zones on the circuit. Rather bumpy on entry and easy to run on.

The chicane. The road is a lot more open most of the year. There's a fence on the outside line that many cars scrape on the way through..

Awesome shot just beyond the chicane

Final turns. Really easy to lock up here as we saw a number of times during the race.

One of my favourite shots. Looking back at turn 4 and the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre.
This is my first actual post in 11 months now. I posted this circuit last year, but I've improved the process greatly as you can see here. Maybe one day I will add fencing and trees :)

The raw data comes out of F1 2014. Edited through 3dSimed and brought into Sketchup. I've learned a great deal about working with various file formats through this entire process, and the end result is some textured models. This is probably the worst quality one, just because much of the circuit doesn't lend itself to this process.

Coming NXT, Wrestlemania 31. Not my best by any stretch, but I am more than impressed with it. First time in a while it's been fun. NXT has a great set, right? Right?

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