Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Challenge: Thailand International Raceway plus teaser

A site overview showing the undulations on the track.

Another angle

Main Grandstand installed

As the circuit looked ten minutes ago. Several of the smaller grandstands have been added along with fencing.

A view of the circuit layout. Starting on the pit straight, the F1 layout sees the cars turn right on a tight blind-apex turn 1. They head back down into a 90 degree right hander before braking into the hairpin. Up the straight, then a 90 degree left hander which should carry some speed. Up the hill and into a right-hander before another long right into the chicane. After this cars head down the long back straight before throwing the car left and right around a 180 degree turn. Down the hill and into a hard braking zone before a similar turn to the previous one and another right hander. Cars then line up for a final right hander before rejoining the pit straight.
 The Thailand International Raceway is a 5300m long circuit designed to accompany Thailand's bid for a Formula 1 race. Capable of many configurations, the circuit is located on undulating terrain specially designed to make for challenging racing. The design is part of SketchUp 3D Challenge #184, which is the development of a racetrack. I am a big fan of this contest as it really pushes competitors to display their skills and not the placement of 3d warehouse components. The track will be ready by the deadline of Monday. 

 As I am sure many people will be aware, I have been rather inactive over the best part of the last year. Rest assured though, I have been working (part-time) on a massive project which I will be bringing to you in 2014. To celebrate, I thought a teaser image was in order. Is that the Veles e Vents building?

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