Saturday, July 6, 2013

F1 Circuit - approaching completion

An overview of the site. I was unhappy with the terrain on the back straight (far left of image)

And the replacement terrain. Much nicer

A Driver level view of the back straight

The turn 5 and runoff area at the end of the back straight

Another shot, this time how it looked within Sketchup. Gives you a little insight into how I work as well ;)

The final shot of this update, looking from the carpark across turn 6 and down towards 7 and 8.
I have three more updates on this design. Next you will see the final modelling updates, revolving primarily around terrain work (and trust me, it was well worth the effort). Then I will have an update where I outline the various track layouts, before finally showing you the presentation renders I have harped on about endlessly.

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