Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wrestlemania 29 finished

 Welcome to Wrestlemania!
 The view down the ramp from the entrance. Never bothered doing much with the ring canopy, but it will be a lot bigger on the real thing.
 Those buildings would be different heights and more suited to the NYC skyline, but I saw it as too much work and could not be bothered.
 A shot down as the stage from the back of the top tier. Kinda gave away my rendering technique here :(.
 A shot of some of the cameras filming the ring.
An overview shot of some of the lights over the crowd. They aren't accurate - I used downward facing spotlights above the stands. Perfect for the purpose though.

Some images of the real stage have been leaked about a week ago. They aren't too hard to find, but it seems my thinking was down the right track.

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