Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Saunders Street Stadium

 Early proof of concept for one of the stands. Seats 8676.
 Seating added. Colours may change. Seats 1446.
 Render 2 of the single section of the stadium.
Render 1 of the single section of the stadium.

Saunders Street Stadium is the working name of the proposed new Townsville stadium to be located on Saunders Street. The site is currently used as a trainyard, which is planned to be moved to another location. The only publicly available design for the site is a cut and paste of Skilled Park, which I have modelled here. (A little sidebar here, I am not happy with that model, certain amendments may be coming in a few weeks. Watch this space). The stadium is designed to replace Dairy Farmers Stadium, which I have modelled here.

Furthermore, I have also been working on another design, a competition model for a hockey arena in Oulu, Finland. Images may come soon enough, but I am wanting to keep the design under wraps as I don't want to see it copied.

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