Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sketches: New GCU Stadium

 Top image shows the stand profile of the three smaller stands, roughly to scale. Trees designed to maximise protection from the sun in the stands without the need for a roof.

Bottom image shows a rough idea of the head-on view of the end stands. The big thing in the middle is the scoreboard.
 Skewered view of the main stand. Roof will be made up of eight main supports, will feature VIP areas and also feature concourse inside the stand.
 Top image is the view of the main grandstand facade. The area at the top has clear panels, as do the lighter sections down the facade, to facilitate light into the stadium. The centre bit is darker brickwork and will facilitate lifts and the VIP stairway. The bottom image shows the exterior of the end stands in a very crudely drawn sketch. The toilets and food stalls will be included as almost pre-cast blocks, with aisleways into the stand between them.
 Top image is a side-on profile of the main stand. At the top are roof supports, then VIP boxes, with the concourse evident inside the stand. Stairs will lead fans into the main stand from the entry points. Underneath the concourse will be change rooms for the players, kitchen and that.  Bottom image shows sketches of some of the trees I want. Tall, thin trees, shrubs, shorter, bushy trees, and short, flowering trees.
This shows an overall view of the stadium, located next to Metricon Stadium. It is to scale, 1cm=10m. The pitch measures 120m*80m. Estimated capacity is between 6-8000, likely with 6000 spectator seats.

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