Thursday, December 1, 2011

Upload schedule

OK, no images today, but a message. Over the coming days, I will be uploading my models made in the past few months. The schedule is as follows.

December 2 - AVICA Park (stadium only)
December 3 - AVICA Park (stadium and the landscape)
December 4 - Hindmarsh Stadium
December 5 - Haladay Road
December 6 - Louisville Racecourse
December 7 - Louisville vehicles
December 8 - Louisville Opera House

Please note, I have not uploaded any images of Louisville Opera House yet, but it is an older-style building for a competition, measuring 180m by 130m. It is my first attempt at a design of this type, most of my work is modern. Details need to be sorted, but I think it came out alright for a first go.

And remember, take care and have fun :)

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