Sunday, September 4, 2011

New layout, features, more

I'm sure you've noticed the changes to the blog. Here is a rundown of the additional functionality added.

  • Stars - Now, you can give a rating to each post. Replacing the funny, interesting and cool options are *****, ****, ***, **, *. Digging a project? Give it *****, five stars!. Not digging it? Give it *, one star!. 
  • Follow by email - Now, instead of having to check the blog page every couple of days to see if I have updated it, you can enter your email in the box in the right hand column and receive an email when the next post is added. And no, you won't receive any spam ;).
  • Hit counter - Down the bottom of the page is a hit counter, showing the hits I received in the last while. 
And then, of course, is the radical changes to the blog design. I've reworked the blog from a whole new template. It is all about keeping the blog fresh and looking new. What do you think of it, my readers, as you are the most important individuals on here. Any new features you want added? Please tell me and I will endeavour to add them.

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