Saturday, April 30, 2011

London Olympic Stadium - WHU redesign and brief

 Daytime image, 1pm
 Nightime image, 1am
 Overview of the site
 Nightime overview shot, no external lights on
 Nightime outside shot, no external lights on
 Shot showing extensions to the sides, with the temporary stand at the end

 Shot showing the same view with no temporary stand at the end.

The stadium roof will be raised 10m and an extension, made of the same material, will extend inwards, covering the seats. Lights will be hung down below the walkway on the roof, facing towards the field of play. With regards to seating. the field of play is to be lowered by 5m. The stands through the ends of the stadium will be removed, while a permanent extension along either side of the field will be built. On WHU home games, a temporary stand is added to both ends of the field, as indicated by the images attached. The current facade will be removed and replaced by a glass material. This would be able to be retracted at either end to allow for airflow at a lower level where necessary. In order to accommodate the request for 100 extra boxes, two sets of suites are to be built at either end of the stadium. The pods are to be reused as a) ticketing booths, b) entertainment stations, with video games / exhibits set up, and c) as outdoor  merchandise/food and drink/beer stations. With the retaining of the running track, the venue is perfectly suited for local sporting carnivals, such as school sport days. The design is also such that concerts and boxing events could be held there.


  1. Sorry to be critical but I really don't like having the add-ons behind the goals and down the sides of the pitches.

    Football grounds, especially new ones, shouldn't broken up like this. The bottom tier is currently one continueous circle of seats around the running track and, just like the Olympic Stadium in Paris, this should be the aim for the Olympic Stadium too.

    As a West Ham fan I'm afraid I'm not that keen.

  2. i like the roof idea,may well keep the atmosphere in, still concerned about the pitch distance from the seats.

  3. Those ideas won't helpful.

  4. Looks like an apple pie...

  5. Wow, never expected this to generate so much controversy.

    The addons around the side of the stadium are so that fans can sit as close to the pitch as possible. As this facility was required to maintain the athletics facilities, I could not build any closer, and retractable seating was the only way to maintain a reasonable seating configuration for fans. Athletics and football don't go together well. If I left it as is, the closest seats would be between 22 and 37m away from the pitch.

    I just registered on your site (assuming you are all coming from the site) and will be able to answer some more of the issues raised there.

  6. gutted, Sold son?

  7. pardsisalegend 10:35 Wed Jun 1

  8. are these just your ideas, or have you actually been been instructed to propose a re design by the relevant people? as i understand the pitch can't be lowered due to the water table and the reconstruction looks alot more than the 100 mill west ham are willing to spend

  9. These are just my ideas, I have no connection with the redesign team. The area underneath the stadium is already excavated, that's no issue.

  10. Youy say the area under the stadium has already been excavated....

    1. How do you know this?
    2. That doesn't mean that the pitch can be lowered to that level.

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  12. indeed would be interested to hear some more of your views pompeY2J

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  14. I quite like these ideas, particularly the roof

  15. Good man pompeY2j would be good over @ kumb what you know about the plans as we were under the impression that the pitch can't be lowered but if youve seen the plans then you could shed some light on it

  16. Look forward to the debate on KUMB.COM

  17. KUMB is rubbish. You can't say words like cunt or anything!


  18. why cant you say the word any thing??????

    It's not about mugging off other site it's about you preference

  19. I like the roof, and I think the stands down the sides of the track are a good idea, but not so sure about the ends - I fear there isn't a tidy solution for that

  20. Cheers for the feedback. Like you said, there isn't a tidy solution to the problem of the ends. If it were the much better straight shape, the entire thing would need to be disassembled when athletics is there, reassembled when there is football.

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