Monday, March 7, 2011

GCU Stadium

Having seen Bluetongue Stadium this past weekend, I was inspired for a new stadium for Gold Coast United. The stadium would be much like Bluetongue, but could have the top tier closed off on the two main stands by a giant cover made of a light fabric-like material. Preliminary renders are below, hopefully will get to make a good version on the weekend.

With the stand coverings closed.
And with the stand coverings open:

More details on the weekend :)

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  1. I definately think the three stand configuration is the way to go Pompey as it allows for easy future expansion. I hope you keep building on this design as you have the time available to you! :-)

    Some feedback:
    The HOME stand should be like Perth Glory's "shed". If you remember the Mariners game we could hardly hear the Mariners chants, it's because if there is no roof the sound just dissapears. For a smallish bunch like ours we need the steel roof to accentuate the atmosphere and build the support.

    The covers for the top tiers are a good idea, but one side is going to have to remain open for cameras media etc. So we only need covers for the side showing on television (lets call that the east stand). These upper bays of the east stand would be opened in the event of rain, or if ticket sales demand it. The upper tiers of the western stand would be reserved for Gold members, corporate boxes etc.

    The empty space behind the away goal could be set up as a stage for hosting community events, concepts and performances during the off season. Check out