Monday, February 14, 2011

Clive Palmer Field

Progress on Clive Palmer Field - a small stadium suitable for hosting Gold Coast United, while not costing a lot of money to build and easily upgraded. Colours aren't right at the moment, just placeholder colours for later when I add the real textures.


  1. hey pompey, was looking at doing something like this but dont have the skills

    definately keep working on the idea!

    my thoughts were to have a stadium with sepately constructed stands on three sides (even one to start off with) and a clubhouse overlooking the field on one side

    as for locations there is a nice block of land near cararra stadium that is likely to dissapear soon, would be the perfect spot to cash in on afl customers during our off season, and create a genuine stadium precinct on the gold coast

  2. The plot you posted on the forum? That's the one I'm using here. It has three individual stands, the one above, a main stand with roof and VIP boxes, and an open stand on the other side. Planning on adding a scoreboard and clubhouse to the open end.